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What You Need to Have so That You Can Have BTEC Level 3 Qualifications

The BTEC 3 engineering is an engineering course that is taught at both the university or the college level where the main reasons as to why it is taught is to ensure that the students are impacted with the relevant skills and the experience as the coursework includes practical skills that are useful to the students to the areas such as the manufacturing and the development, the designs as well as the maintenance of the products and the engineering systems.

You should know that the course will utilize the use of the assignments and the practical work that will be geared up to the real working conditions and the work-related situations, also the current situations will be taken into the account as well as the current demands that are on the market, the course is open to the people such as the young adults and the school leavers.

It is important to note that the course has some set minimums that you should meet, the following are some of them that you should meet so that you can apply.

One of the qualifications is that you need to have the 4 GCSEs A, that should include math and English, and that will be the minimum requirement for the direct entry if you have don’t have any other college qualifications.

You should know that also if you have a lower level of the BTEC 3 engineering then also you can qualify for this course, for example, if you have the level 2 diploma you will be able to meet the requirement of the level 3 as long as you had excellent results in that level.

Also the international students that would like to study the course also they have a chance if they meet the minimum that has been set by the faculty, for the international students they must have the overall score of 5.5 with a minimum of 6.6 in every section in the IELTS score, the students should know more by looking at the international sites.

Also you can have the vocation subject as one of the qualifications for the entry, one of the vocational subjects that you have can count as one of the required areas of study but it is only limited to one spot and hence you should not rely on more of them as they will not be considered.

It is important to note that with the minimums given above you can study BTEC 3 engineering as long as you meet such requirements.

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