Pathway Genomic: Understanding Pain Medication

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It’s so easy to rely on pain medication in order to manage pain after an injury or because of a chronic condition. The fact is, there are plenty of pain medications that can help a person enjoy a better quality of life while healing from an injury or a surgery or while dealing with a chronic pain condition.

However, there are times when pain medication can cause a number of different negative side effects. In other cases, pain medication doesn’t work as a person or their doctor had hoped. In these situations, a company like Pathway Genomic may be able to help.

Choose Pain Management More Wisely

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to prescribing pain medications. That is why a DNA test may be the best option. These tests can be helpful in dieting and fitness, but they can also help a person know a little more about how well certain pain medications will work.

Avoid Hunting Around for the Best Pain Medication

Often times, finding the right pain medication can be a bit of trial and error, and while there’s nothing uncommon about this process, there are a few issues that can make trial and error in this case somewhat problematic. Firstly, the goal of pain medication is to eliminate and manage a pain condition. However, when a doctor and patient have to hunt around for the right medication or the right combination of medications, it can leave a person to deal with sometimes constant and debilitating pain.

The Danger of Pain Medication Addiction

The second problem is that there are quite a few medications that, while they can be incredibly effective in pain management, can be addictive. Understanding how a person’s body responds to medication can help avoid medications that a person might have a high chance of becoming addicted to.

Pain can be managed with the help of a doctor and specialized medications. However, if you don’t want to deal with trial and error medication hunting or risk taking medication that you become addicted to, it might be a good idea to find out what your body will respond to the most. With a DNA test, you just might be able to better pinpoint what medications work best for your body.



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